Why CAEC member

When you choose a member of the Cyprus Association of Educational Consultants (CAEC) for assistance with university planning, you’ll work with an educational consultant who is:

  • Focused on helping your child succeed. The Cyprus Association of Educational Consultants is first and foremost dedicated to the needs and dreams of students. Our members view each student they work with as an individual, with unique talents, interests, and goals, and they will strive to help your child realise his or her university aspirations.
  • Experienced with assisting families with college planning. To be eligible to join CAEC, consultants must have the training and experience necessary to provide knowledgeable and professional university planning assistance to students and parents. Learn more about our membership eligibility requirements.
  • Dedicated to upholding ethics and professional standards. All of our members agree to abide by CAEC’s Member Standards and Ethics Statement in their work with students and parents. These professional standards are based on four core values: sound advice, integrity, respect, and confidentiality. By joining CAEC, our members demonstrate their commitment to upholding these professional standards in their practices.
  • Committed to keeping abreast of ever-evolving trends in university admissions. CAEC member consultants are expected to continue their professional development by participating in university tours, professional conferences, and CAEC-sponsored professional development programs.
  • Connected to a network of professional university consultants. CAEC members are able to network with CAEC members throughout Cyprus and around the world, which means they can often provide students and parents with deeper insights into a wider range of university options.
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