Quality of Consultant Education

Our well trained members specialize in providing quality of Consultant Education

High Quality Services

The professionalism of our educational consultants CAEC guarantees the highest quality service

Accurate Information

The continuous training and development of the CAEC members ensures accurate information

On behalf of all the members, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Cyprus Association of Educational Consultants (CAEC) webpage. Our association has been formed by long-standing educational consulting organisation in Cyprus with the aim to enhance the quality of the services offered by its members.

It is a common belief among us that students’ education, and the responsibility of ethically counselling them with integrity and professionalism, is our priority. I sincerely hope that you would realise the benefits of using the services of the members of our association
and that you would take advantage of our experience and continuous development in educational consulting.

Welcome to CAEC

Dr. Adonis Americanos

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