Membership Expectations

CAEC’s mission is advancing professionalism in further education counseling. While our members receive numerous membership benefits, in turn, to support this mission, CAEC also has a number of expectations of our members.

As a CAEC member, you’ll be expected to:

  • Abide by CAEC’s member Standards and Ethics in your work with students. (Be sure to review these before you begin the membership application, as you will be asked to agree to these Standards on your application).
  • Attend CAEC’s annual general meeting at least once every four years.
  • Network with CAEC members at conferences and through the association.
  • Mentor individuals who are new to the profession.
  • Serve on CAEC committees, or assist with the efforts of CAEC.
  • Contribute to the CAEC website and member news blog.
  • Show respect for and work cooperatively with high school guidance counselors, university and college admissions staff, and other educational consultants.
  • Demonstrate professionalism at all times and positively promote the public’s awareness of educational consulting.
  • Participate in training sessions provided by CAEC for its members in order to maintain professional development.
  • Pay all memberships fees when due.
  • Abide by all decisions of the Disciplinary Committee

If you’ve reviewed these membership expectations and believe you’re eligible for CAEC membership, the final step in joining CAEC is to apply for CAEC membership

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