Benefits of Membership

Being a member of CAEC means that you benefit from CAEC’s efforts to:

  • To raise awareness to prospective clients so that they recognize the advantages of acquiring assistance from the association’s members.
  • Protect the profession of Educational Consultants and to solidify the profession.
  • Promote and establish the profession of education counselling in Cyprus within government authorities.
  • Promote educational counselling as an imperative part of progressing to higher education.
  • To improve the image and credibility of Educational Consultants with government and other education bodies in Cyprus and abroad.
  • Ensure high standards of service in the field of educational counselling
  • Provide accurate information and assistance to prospective students.
  • Provide guidelines for promoting healthy competition amongst its members
  • Provide training and development to its members and their staff
  • Organize promotional and marketing activities which will benefit the association and its members
  • Strengthen links between existing national and international education counselling associations and education providers.
  • Work alongside other recognized bodies such as the Cyprus Ministry of Education, the British Council and other education related organizations.
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